Why prefund? Prefunding provides a gift of love and peace of mind for you and those you care most about. It locks in costs to protect you from inflation. Some "traditional" way to pay for funerals can fall short.
  • Social Security - Social Security pays a $255 death benefit to a surviving spouse or dependent child. Funeral Directors file a Statement of Death Form SSA-721 to the Social Security Administration at death. There is not a death benefit for a person who is single or divorced at death.
  • Veteran's Benefits - Many veterans believe their funeral costs are covered. All honorably discharged veterans are provided a flag, a military grave marker and an honor guard. They are also eligible for burial at a national or local state cemetery. Depending on place of death and/or if the veteran was receiving a disability pension from the VA, there may be up to $300 for funeral, $300 for cemetery (if burial is not at a national cemetery) and transportation charges from place of death to final resting place. However, items such as professional services, casket, transportation and printed materials are items that are often not taken care of. There are exceptions to this and we encourage you to visit us to discuss your specific veteran funeral allowance.
  • Medicaid - Medicaid is a health insurance program funded by a partnership between state and federal governments. It is designed to help people with low incomes who also have a medical need. One qualification for Medicaid is one's assets. One way to make some of your assets not count against you is to prepay for your funeral. You can purchase an insurance policy specifically designed to cover final expenses that will be administered by a trust or funeral provider. This is a lawful way to make sure you stay eligible for benefits and help cover your final expenses.
  • Life Insurance - Life insurance is intended to allow loved ones to maintain their standard of living after a death. Funeral expenses are generally due at the time of arrangement. Life insurance generally takes weeks to process, leaving the grieved scrambling to get the money from other sources.
  Arrange to pay for your funeral with a custom preneed life insurance policy designed just for payment of funeral expenses. At the time of need, we provide all the products and services that you have selected in advance. Your specially designed policy authorizes payment of the benefits directly to us. If you have any questions or would prefer to speak to someone directly, please contact us (888)366-2800.
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