Choosing a Casket

Navigating the choice of a casket can be quite a journey, especially for those planning ahead and wanting to match their unique style. From color and design to sealing preferences and the chosen final resting method, Behrens-Wilson Funeral Home offers a diverse range of casket options, complete with reference photos to make the decision-making process a bit easier. Feel free to reach out with any questions or uncertainties – at Behrens-Wilson, we’re here to provide answers and support every step of the way.

Geneva Taupe 20 Ga. Steel

UG1 Silver Sapphire Basic Stainless Steel

UG1 Golden Rose Basic Stainless Steel

Seiler Solid Pine

Akron Oak Wood

Bristol Hardwood

Lakeview Hardwood

Spencer Dark Gunmetal

Midnight Blue 18 Ga. Steel

 821 Light Nutmeg 18 Ga. Steel

Atlantic Blue 18 Ga. Steel

Ambrosia Opal 18 Ga. Steel

 Baron Copper 20 Ga. Steel

1471 White Sand OS 20 Ga.Steel

 Edson 18 Ga. Steel

Highland Solid Cedar


Elevate your loved one’s final resting place with our premium burial vaults – meticulously crafted for enduring strength and protection, ensuring a lasting legacy in a secure and dignified manner.


Capture cherished memories with our exquisite funeral home keepsakes, beautifully crafted to provide solace and remembrance during difficult times.

Grief Resources

Grief resources offer vital support and guidance for individuals coping with loss, providing tools and community for healing.