Traditional Services

Choosing Traditional

Choosing a traditional pre-burial, entombment, or cremation service isn’t just about ceremony; it’s a comforting embrace for those grieving. These services weave a supportive network, offering space to share sorrow, reaffirm connections with the departed, and bid a heartfelt farewell. Imagine a scene filled with shared memories – a public viewing or visitation, followed by a soulful funeral led by a chosen clergy member or someone special to the family. Loved ones may join in, adding personal touches through readings, songs, or assisting the clergy. Sometimes, the atmosphere gets an extra layer of warmth with a fraternal service during the visitation. It’s more than a ritual; it’s a moment crafted for remembrance and shared love.

Traditional Funeral Services

Basic services of funeral director and staff

Funeral directors and their staff provide a range of essential services to facilitate the dignified and respectful handling of a deceased individual. These services encompass various aspects of the funeral process, aiming to support grieving families during a challenging time.

Automotive equipment

Funeral automotive equipment comprises specialized vehicles such as hearses and limousines designed for the dignified transportation of the deceased and an organized method of transportation for grieving family and friends.

Embalming, dressing, cosmetology and other preparation of the deceased

Post-mortem care encompasses vital steps such as embalming, dressing, cosmetology, and other preparations to the deceased. 

Use of facilities, staff and equipment

Utilizing funeral facilities, staff, and equipment involves coordinating designated spaces, skilled personnel, and necessary resources to facilitate the various aspects of a funeral service. Trained staff guide bereaved individuals, and essential equipment ensures a graceful farewell. This seamless integration contributes to the overall organization of a respectful memorial event for grieving families and friends.

Transfer of the deceased to the funeral home

The transportation of the deceased to the funeral home involves the careful transfer of the deceased person’s remains from the place of death to the funeral facility. The goal is to ensure a smooth transition, acknowledging the gravity of the situation and providing a compassionate service to the grieving families.

Casket & Vault

A casket and vault are essential elements in the burial process. The casket, made of materials like wood or metal, holds the deceased during services. Meanwhile, the vault, often constructed from concrete or metal, surrounds the casket in the burial site, providing added protection from the elements and maintaining the grave’s structure.

Use of funeral coach

A funeral coach, commonly known as a hearse, is a specialized vehicle designed for the transportation of the deceased during funeral processions. It plays a crucial role in conveying the departed from the funeral home to the memorial service and final resting place, symbolizing a solemn and respectful element of the mourning process.

Memorial folders or prayer cards & Acknowledgement cards

Memorial folders, prayer cards, and acknowledgement cards are meaningful keepsakes that commemorate a loved one’s life. Memorial folders contain essential details, prayer cards offer solace through religious verses, and acknowledgement cards express gratitude for support. These mementos play a crucial role in memorial services, providing comfort and a tangible connection to the departed.

3rd Party Items

To make things easier for families during this challenging time, we’ve incorporate cash advance items into the funeral bill. These are expenses owed to external parties that we handle on your behalf. From the heartfelt obituary to the services of the minister and organist, along with arrangements for the cemetery, flowers, food, and certified copies of the death certificate.


Funeral merchandise, from caskets to urns and memorial keepsakes, serves as a dignified way to honor and remember the departed.


Cremation services are a unique, cost-effective option to memorialize a loved one.

Other Services

There are many other types of funeral service options, from direct burial, to transportation, and graveside services, we can help you choose what is the best fit for your needs.