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Grief Guidance

Our grief resource page is designed as a sanctuary of solace, offering a comprehensive collection of tools, information, and compassionate guidance to help you navigate the complexities of grief and find moments of healing and remembrance. Whether you are seeking practical advice, coping strategies, or simply a space to share your emotions, we stand alongside you, dedicated to fostering a supportive community and helping you find comfort on the path to healing.

Grief & Healing 

The Widow

Widownet is a dedicated online resource for widows and widowers, covering essential topics such as grief, bereavement, and recovery. The platform fosters a supportive community, offering information and self-help resources to help individuals navigate the challenges of widowhood.

Grieving stands as a compassionate and supportive online community, boasting a thriving membership of over 45,000 individuals who actively engage in discussions and offer solace to those navigating the challenging terrain of grief. This invaluable forum provides a safe and empathetic space where members can share their experiences, seek comfort, and find understanding amidst the complexities of loss.

Miss Foundation

The MISS Foundation is a dedicated nonprofit run by volunteers, offering compassionate support to people of all ages coping with the profound grief of losing a child. With a mission centered on creating a nurturing environment, the foundation provides solace, community, and resources for healing. Through volunteer-driven initiatives, it aims to address diverse needs associated with the complex journey of grief.

Recover from Grief

Recover From Grief is an invaluable resource that guides individuals through the complexities of mourning. It provides insights into the grieving process and offers practical coping strategies, empowering individuals to navigate loss with resilience and emotional well-being. This compassionate platform serves as a comforting companion, supporting those in search of solace and guidance during times of profound sorrow.

Grief Toolbox

The Grief Toolbox is a comprehensive platform designed to support individuals in their grieving process. Offering a range of resources, including articles, an online art gallery, and a support group locator, it provides valuable insights, coping strategies, and a sense of community for those navigating loss. Whether through informative articles or connecting with local support groups, The Grief Toolbox aims to help individuals find solace and understanding during their journey of grief.

Grief Watch

The 18th Ave Peace House serves as the headquarters for a prominent publisher and manufacturer specializing in bereavement books and materials. Widely utilized by families and professionals nationwide, these resources contribute to the support and guidance offered during times of loss. The Peace House is a multifaceted hub hosting various ministries dedicated to hospitality, community building, peace advocacy, and compassionate end-of-life care.

Grieving Alone & Together

This ebook will help you better understand the unique care you and your family will need due to the loss of a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Grief Books

Numerous books are readily available in the market, offering valuable insights and support for individuals navigating the complex journey of grief. A quick search on Amazon unveils a vast array of resources, each uniquely crafted to address the diverse aspects of the grieving process. Whether you’re seeking solace, practical guidance, or a deeper understanding of grief, these books serve as beacons of wisdom and comfort.

Immediate Need

The urgent need to plan a funeral arises promptly after the loss of a loved one, requiring thoughtful arrangements to honor and commemorate their life.

Order Flowers

Ordering flowers online allows you to effortlessly express emotions and convey heartfelt sentiments through the timeless beauty of blooms.


Writing an Obituary

Writing an obituary is a poignant and reflective process, encapsulating the essence of a person’s life, achievements, and impact in a heartfelt tribute.