Organ Donation

Why Should You Become An Organ Donor?

The gift of organ donation can turn tragedy into hope and renewal. Even in the face of loss, the opportunity to give the gift of life through organ donation can provide a sense of purpose and meaning during a difficult time. By helping with awareness and understanding, we aim to encourage thoughtful conversations about this selfless act, promoting the possibility of creating a lasting legacy that transcends grief and brings comfort to others in need.

Organ Donor

Act of giving

The selfless act of giving the gift of sight and health can positively impact over 50 lives. Discussing this decision with family ensures that your wishes are honored. Donations play a crucial role in treating various diseases and injuries, such as sight restoration, burn care, ligament repair, and heart surgery. Donation becomes an option only after lifesaving efforts have been exhausted, and strict guidelines are followed to prevent any harm from donor to recipient.

Facts about donation

Organ donation is inclusive of all ages and medical histories, with doctors providing equal effort in saving lives regardless of the donor’s decision. The eligibility for donation depends on the donor’s medical condition at the time of death. Most religions view donation as an act of charity and support it. Open caskets remain an option after donation, which occurs within 12-24 hours of death. The recovery procedure incurs no additional cost, only the standard funeral arrangements apply.

What to Expect

Planning a funeral entails coordinating logistics, selecting a venue, casket or urn, arranging transportation, and offering emotional support to grieving loved ones.


Prefunding provides a gift of love and peace of mind for you and those you care most about.

Advanced Planning

Advanced funeral planning enables individuals to meticulously arrange their end-of-life services, easing the burden on loved ones and ensuring the fulfillment of their final wishes.

To facilitate becoming a donor, there are various avenues available. One option is to register during the renewal of your driver’s license at the nearby DMV. Alternatively, you can complete the registration process online.