Why Should I Prefund?

Prefunding offers a meaningful and compassionate way to express love and provide peace of mind for both yourself and those closest to you. By proactively addressing funeral expenses, it not only demonstrates a thoughtful consideration for your loved ones but also serves as a practical measure to safeguard against the impact of inflation. In comparison to more conventional methods of paying for funerals, prefunding stands out as a reliable and foresighted approach.

Conventional methods of covering funeral expenses may prove insufficient

Social Security

Social Security provides a $255 death benefit to a surviving spouse or dependent child. In the event of a person’s death, Funeral Directors submit a Statement of Death Form SSA-721 to the Social Security Administration. It’s important to note that there is no death benefit for individuals who are single or divorced at the time of death.


Medicaid is a joint state and federal health insurance program aimed at assisting individuals with low incomes and medical needs. Asset qualification is a key factor for eligibility. To exempt some assets, individuals can legally prepay for their funeral through a specialized insurance policy. This ensures eligibility for Medicaid benefits while covering final expenses.

Veteran's Benefits

Many veterans believe their funeral costs are covered, but only certain aspects are provided for honorably discharged veterans, such as a flag, military grave marker, and honor guard. Burial at a national or local state cemetery is also an option. Depending on circumstances, there may be up to $300 for funeral expenses, $300 for cemetery costs (if not at a national cemetery), and transportation coverage. However, professional services, casket, transportation, and printed materials are often not covered. Exceptions exist, and personalized discussions are encouraged to explore specific veteran funeral allowances.

Life Insurance

Life insurance aims to enable loved ones to sustain their accustomed lifestyle following a death. Typically, funeral expenses must be settled at the time of arrangements. However, the life insurance processing period, which usually spans weeks, often leaves grieving individuals in a frantic scramble to secure funds from alternative sources.

Secure online preplanning form

A secure online preplanning form ensures private and efficient documentation of important future arrangements, providing peace of mind.

Advanced Planning

Advanced funeral planning enables individuals to meticulously arrange their end-of-life services, easing the burden on loved ones and ensuring the fulfillment of their final wishes.

What to Expect

Planning a funeral entails coordinating logistics, selecting a venue, casket or urn, arranging transportation, and offering emotional support to grieving loved ones.

Secure your funeral expenses with a custom preneed life insurance policy. Choose your desired products and services in advance, and at the time of need, we ensure a seamless process.