Personalize & Customize

We are committed to delivering comprehensive, personalized, and customizable services that honor and celebrate the life of your loved one. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to craft a meaningful and unique experience, considering every detail to reflect the individuality of the person being commemorated. From music and readings to ambiance, we aim to create a heartfelt tribute that brings solace and healing during this challenging time.

Funeral Service Personalization


An obituary is a written announcement of a person’s death, commonly found in newspapers or online. It provides a brief biography, including the individual’s birth and death dates and places, as well as key life events, achievements, and relationships. Obituaries also typically include details about the funeral or memorial service. They serve as a tribute to the deceased and inform the community of their passing. Find tips for writing an obituary here.

Service Folders

Create personalized service folders that beautifully showcase memories with vibrant colored photos and cherished verses or poems that hold a special place in your heart. Our service folders are designed to not only honor the memory of your loved ones but also to celebrate the unique essence of their lives.

Family Photographs & Albums

Create a meaningful display of family photographs and albums, that chronicles the departed’s life. The display invites reflection and remembrance of your loved one.

Floral Pieces

Create floral arrangements that reflect the hobbies or interests of the deceased. Infuse these arrangements with elements that celebrate and represent the passions that brought joy to the individual. Incorporate symbols, colors, or elements associated with their cherished pastimes to create a meaningful tribute. By infusing the beauty of flowers with the essence of the individual’s favorite activities, these arrangements serve as a heartfelt expression of remembrance, honoring their distinctive personality in a concise and thoughtful manner.

Personal Mementos

Arrange a collection of personal mementos with thoughtful consideration, both at the front of the chapel and around the casket. This arrangement serves as a heartfelt tribute, that pays homage to the individual’s unique life and legacy.


A eulogy which acknowledges the unique qualities of the person who died and affirms the significance their life had to those surviving. Often a family member can participate in this portion of the service.

Music Accompaniment

In times of mourning, music can be a great way to honor and remember the departed. Incorporating the deceased’s favorite songs and those meaningful to the spouse and family creates a musical tribute.

Casket Insert or Panel

A customized casket insert or panel is a personalized tribute at a funeral, reflecting the unique interests, hobbies, organizational memberships, or military service of the deceased. This customization adds depth to the memorialization process, creating a more personalized experience for mourners.


Funeral merchandise, from caskets to urns and memorial keepsakes, serves as a dignified way to honor and remember the departed.

Order Flowers

Ordering flowers online allows you to effortlessly express emotions and convey heartfelt sentiments through the timeless beauty of blooms.


Writing an Obituary

Writing an obituary is a poignant and reflective process, encapsulating the essence of a person’s life, achievements, and impact in a heartfelt tribute.