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Jacob Kenneth Thompson

05/30/1997 - 04/25/2024


Obituary For Jacob Kenneth Thompson

Jacob Kenneth Thompson May 30, 1997 to April25, 2024

A Jake Thompson Memorial Account has been set up.

Contact email address is

Jacob, or forever called Jakiepoo by his family, passed
one month shy of his 27 birthday.
Jake was preceded in death by his paternal
grandparents Kay Thompson and Louis Thompson, and his
maternal grandparents Mary and Ed Verheecke. Jake is survived by his mother Cynthia, father Delbert, sisters Jessica and Jerica, brother Joshua and Joseph, nieces Zoe and Chloe, and nephews Maximus, Faris and David. And his lap dog Isabel.
These are his final stats. And while statistics never lie,
they can never be trusted to tell the whole story.
Jake is the youngest member of the original Thompson clan, the Ttribe7. The tribe started when Cynthia and Delbert agreed to marshal all their energies and create the best humans. They started with Jake’s oldest brother Joshua and spent four years experimenting and refining their parenting prowess.
Four years later Jake’s big sister Jessica decided it was
time to expand the experiment. Jessi, commonly referred to as Sarge for her inane ability to marshal all her fellow siblings and their eventual progeny to getting ready for any upcoming affair, became Jake’s most trusted ally during his final years. Transporting her brother to all of his healthcare appointments, she was possessor and protector of his secret pains, concerns. He never wanted his mother burdened by
his failing health, but Jessi, when pressed, revealed the seriousness of his condition. Jessi is the ultimate big sister.
Following Jessi two years later, Jerica pushed her way
onto the scene. As Jake’s younger older sister, Jeri was
always meant to be the family’s social butterfly. Her
superpowers include a sharp wit, infectious laugh, mixed with brooding seriousness and notable problem solving skills. She was the original baby of the family until the emergence of her Irish twin brothers eight years later. Jeri and Jake shared much love and laughter.
Joseph came next, on Valentines Day no less. Joe-Joe is the epitome of calm and serene. Cynthia had a dream many years earlier of twins bouncing on our bed. Since Joe and Jake came only a year apart they became our Irish twins.

Years later, Jeri ended up producing twin sons as a prophetic answer to Cynthia’s dream, but for all the years prior until now Joe and Jake were umbilically and symbolically attached. Jake’s departure won’t change that, but that connection now traverses two realms…and will one day be reunited. Joe-Joe was the perfect complement to his sometimes passionate moody brother. Yin and Yang.
I apologize for this lengthy tribute to my son, Jakiepoo, but context is everything. And now it’s Jake’s turn.
Jacob was contrarian. He relished being different. He
embraced the opposing view and wore it like a luxurious robe. He relished the opportunity to suggest an alternate path and regal in that those opposed initially were suddenly in step, with him. He was never trying to change the world, he just wanted us to make sure we’d considered all options.
It was often suggested that God had Jake complete the Ttribe7 because he knew it would take all six of us to handle this rambunctious personality. Somethings can be the truth and a ruse at varying times. Stories about Jakiepoo told these past couple days swing to the extremes.
The story about a two-year old who’d just finished
drinking his bottle and then loudly declaring that “somebody better get me a strawberry milk right now” before emphatically tossing the empty object of his frustration across the room. Even at two he knew what he wanted…and he wanted you to know too.
Or the fact that as he laid in the hospital bed with all
manner of tubes and bags of fluid assisting him as he fought for life longer than even the professionals expected, wanting more than anything to console his heartbroken mother at his bedside.
As he came to the finish line, friends from his internet
games, unknown to the family, called to tell him he was a good ally who always spoke truth. These grown friends cried and promised to make their way from New Mexico to say goodbye to their battling brother.
Jake never revealed how much pain he endured during his final years. He was recently scheduled for a liver transplant once a donor was found, but God had other plans.
Jakiepoo is now at peace and charged with a new
momentous task, one befitting his quarks and skills. He spent nearly 27 years being the last in line. He would consistently say “I’m the baby, gotta love me.”
Now he’s called to be the Ttribe’s Guardian Angel for all eternity. And we’re thankful that it’s him.
Till we meet again.

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  • 04/28/2024

    My deepest condolences, I remember Jacob since he was a kid. He will be missed

  • 04/28/2024

    Oh my !!! Sympathy and Condolences to Families & Friends of Jacob . Very sorry to hear Delbert & Cindy Thompson.

  • 04/27/2024

    We are praying for you all.

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