All services we offer may be personalized and customized to help create a meaningful service which acknowledges and celebrates the life of your loved one.

Suggestions for personalizing your service include:

  • An obituary which not only contains biographical information but also contains information of a more personal nature such as favorite hobbies, community and/or church involvement, and professional accomplishments.
  • A display of family pictures and photo albums which chronicle the life of the deceased.
  • A display of personal mementos at the front of the chapel and around the casket.
  • Music which includes a favorite song of the deceased or songs which were meaningful to the spouse and family.
  • Service folders with a colored photo and favorite verse or poem.
  • Floral pieces which incorporate a unique hobby or interest of the deceased.
  • A eulogy which acknowledges the unique qualities of the person who died and affirms the significance their life had to those surviving. Often a family member can participate in this portion of the service.
  • Use of a customized casket insert or panel which reflects an interest, a hobby, organization membership, or military service.

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