Why Should I Plan Ahead?

While not everyone enjoys making plans in advance, arranging your funeral ahead of time not only provides assurance that your last wishes will be respected but also eases the emotional burden on your loved ones, helping them navigate the grief associated with the loss.

The team at Behren Wilson Funeral Home is pleased to support you in planning for your future funeral needs. We are here to assist you in making advance decisions about your funeral service, alleviating some of the unnecessary stress that often accompanies the loss of a loved one.

Benefits of Pre-Planning

Planning ahead relieves the burden from family

Preplanning a funeral on a website not only streamlines the process of making many decisions following a loved one’s passing but also empowers you to make sound choices without stress. By doing so, you liberate your loved ones from the responsibility of major decision-making during an emotional time, enabling them to focus on supporting each other and beginning the healing process sooner.

Planning ahead can relieve the financial burden from those you love

You determine how much you want to spend and how to fund your funeral. If you choose to handle the funding of your funeral in advance, we have plans that will ensure that your survivors will never have to pay additional funds for the services and merchandise you selected.

Planning ahead lets you express your wishes

The death of a loved one often brings about unwarranted stress and angst among families. Planning your funeral service in advance ensures that your final arrangements reflect your life and desires, reducing confusion and potential disagreements among family members during a challenging time. This proactive approach provides clarity and allows for flexibility in your choices.

Planning ahead offers peace of mind

We assure you that the team at Behrens Wilson Funeral Home will execute your arrangements precisely as per your instructions. Once the plans are in place, you and your family can find comfort in the knowledge that difficult decisions have already been addressed. Preplanning enables your family to grieve without added stress during a challenging time.

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Pre-Funding Options

Feel free to reach out to us to explore the range of pre-arrangement options available. Don’t hesitate—taking this step could be the most significant and considerate decision you make for yourself and your loved ones.

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